About Me

Skin Type : Normal to Very Oily

Skin Colour : White - Pale

Hair Colour : Medium Brown

Eye : Dark Brown with Double Eyelids

Age : '89 liners

Live in Indonesia, a shopaholic, a freelancer, makeup lover, have a lot of make up stuffs, love to enjoy my daily skincare routines ^^

Addicted to everything about K-pop, korean beauty, korean makeup, korean daily skincare routines ^^

Owner of RibbonShop, which sell korean makeup & skincare, korean food, clothes and other stuff.

You can like RibbonShop's Fanpage ~ http://facebook.com/ribbonity

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Contact person :

SMS/WA : 08984286509
Line : ribbonity
*only for business purpose

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  1. hi, i like you. because of you. i want to share my experience bout skin care routine. please read my blog midiariess.blogspot.com
    thank you

  2. A Korean lover, just like me!
    Looking forward for more posts from you!