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REVIEW : Etude House Dear Darling Tint #1 Berry Red

Anyeoong :)

The next review tonight is about liptint from Etude House. This liptint has similar packaging with lipgloss, check this out :

This liptint has a very good packaging, I love it has a transparent glass bottle. We can see how many product inside the bottle, not like Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint which has an opaque bottle.

 The applicator was like this.

I choose #1 Berry Red, which has a combination pink red colour. The manufacturing date was printed on the sticker with red tint.

 This is how it looks like on my skin.

 After blend with my fingers, I think this liptint can use as a jelly blusher too, it will look nice on our cheeks.

The result on my lips.

I love this color. The color looks natural on my lips. This color is suitable for someone who wants to get the combination of pink and red natural color on your lips :)

The color was still there for about 5~6 hours. But you must reapply the liptint after you eat. This product has a very nice smell, like cherry. And it doesn't taste bitter like Fresh Cherry Tint does.

Before you use this liptint, you must put lipbalm first, to moisturize your chapped lips. Also to make the tint looks more smooth on it.

This liptint sometimes makes my lips dry, but as long as I put lipbalm first, I don't have any problem with it :)

RATING : 4,5 / 5

Natural colour.
Can stay 5~6 hours on my lips.
With transparent bottle.
Cute packaging.
Smells nice, doesn't taste bitter.

Sometimes makes my lips dry.

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