Selasa, 29 Januari 2013

REVIEW : Etude House Sun Prise All Proof SPF 50++


Few weeks ago, I purchased a sunblock from Etude House. Since I love beach, I must prepare a great sunblock to protect my skin from sunlight. Check this product :

 The product is sealed.

 The ingredients is behind the product.

It doesn't contain paraben, which is good to be used under the sunlight :)

 After remove the sealed.

Descriptions :
Waterproof UV defense moisturizer whitens skin with Niacinamide. Formulated with Mangosteen, Lotus Flower and Aloe extracts for skin soothing relief.

Directions :
Apply moisturizer to sun exposed areas of the face/body and massage into skin.

This product contains 50g. It can be used for 12 months.
 The tip was like this.

 The product was very small.

This is how it looks on my skin.

This product has a small size and the price is too pricey. In western brand, we can get a large product with this price >.<

The texture of this product is creamy and matte. It has white colour. If we use to all of our body, we will spend nearly half of its contents.

But I really love how this sunblock really protect my skin from sunlight. The redness didn't appear easily on my skin. Since it's waterproof, I can enjoy swimming and playing in the water. This product doesn't make my skin irritation too. In fact, I love this product :)

RATING : 4 / 5

It really protect my skin from sunlight.
Easy to blend.
Cute size.

Too pricey.

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3 komentar:

  1. Is it good if we used on our face??

    1. Bisa digunakan di wajah koq, ga bkin kulitku iritasi, cocok di aku ^^

  2. saya mau tanya, ada rekomendasi PHYSYCAL sunscreen/block yang NON paraben + non bahan kimia lain yg berbahaya ( oxybenzon, octinoxate, retinyl, homosalate, octorylene) dan yang mengandung TITANIUM DIOXIDE dan ZINC OXIDE kisaran SPF 15-30 PA+++. trimakasih sebelumnya