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REVIEW : Etude House Nature Pure Royal Jelly Mask


I feel so bored today, although today is Monday. On Monday I think we need more spirit so we can enjoy the whole week. I don't know why I'm so bored today >.< Maybe it was because the weather is not good today. It's raining since this morning :(

Anyways, now I want to make a review about my favourite mask sheet from Etude House. I usually use a facial mask once a week, I try to use it every week to keep my skin healthy.

Etude House Nature Pure Mask series have 7 kinds of masks, which is Aloe mask, Green Tea mask, Lemon mask, Pearl mask, Pomegranate mask, Red Ginseng mask, and the last is mine Royal Jelly mask.

This mask sheet restores skin health and soothes the skin after being damaged by polution, debris and weather. It helps skin to maintain smoothness, softness and luminosity. I think this mask sheet is suitable with my skin problem :)

The ingredients contain no paraben, I was the one who always choose makeup and skincare products that contain no paraben. I think paraben wasn't good for our skin :(

 The mask sheet was very watery.

The shape of the mask sheet.

At first, I prepare my skin with toner after cleansing, then I use this mask sheet for about 20 minutes. Like I've ever said before, this mask sheet was too big for my face. So, I must fold up this mask sheet, mainly in my cheek area. This mask sheet smells good, it doesn't sting my nose.

When I use this mask sheet, I'm trying to relax and listen to instrumental musics :)

This mask sheet was very watery, so the essence will be falling down to your hair or your neck easily. It's good to prepare a tissue to clean it.

After I remove the mask sheet. I felt sticky in my face. I must massage the residue of the essence for about 1-2 minutes, until the essence fully absorb into my skin.

I felt my skin became more brighter and more soft. My face looks more healthy and fresh than before. The effect was still there for about 2~3 days. I hope my face will be more healthy if I use this mask sheet every week :)

RATING : 5 / 5

Makes my face became brighter, soft, fresh and healty.
It doesn't make my skin irritation.
It smells good.
Cheap price.

This mask sheet too big for my face.
The effect only for 2~3 days.

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